Welcome to Your Chequamegon Technology Resources Wiki!

The Purpose

Individually researching and collecting educational technology software and products isn’t always practical.
That is why I developed this Wiki Spaces site. Hopefully this site will allow you to quickly narrow down the educational information that will make a difference to your students’ learning and your workload.

Attending educational conferences are not always practical.
Attending conferences can be costly and time consuming. We do know that making contacts and finding that educational technology strategy that will make a difference to student learning can be invaluable. That is why I attempted to capture some of the highlight of the recent conferences and trends in this Wiki site.

The time spent by teachers searching for the “just right” product can be disappointing.
The time spent searching the web, discovering the products potential and then instructing students, can be time consuming. That is why collaborating with others make sense. Sharing information through this Wiki should save us from the frustrations of wasting time.

Favorite Sites

  1. Khan Academy = One of the most powerful sites to supplement math and science lessons.
  2. Diigo = Bookmarking websites, lists and more. Will easily accept Delicious account information.
  3. Way Back Machine = Check website history. Also check "Moving Images

Teacher Tools

  1. Cool Tools for School = Powerful site! Many teacher tools.
  2. Top 100 Learning Tools for 2010 = List voted by educators.
  3. Free Technology for Teachers =
  4. Alternative to = Site that help find alternatives to paid applications or sites.
  5. Finding Dulcinea = High Quality websites. An online librarian.

Classroom Tools

  1. Time Glidder = Create, share and publish interactive timelines.
  2. Screencast-o-Matic = Online tool for screen recording.
  3. MapMaker = Make simple maps elementary school emphasis.
  4. ScribbleMaps = Now you can write, draw on and share Google maps.
  5. 4 Teachers = Site includes checklists, rubrics and more.
  6. Newseum = The front page of nearly 800 newspapers.

Student Tools

  1. Timelines = Create, share and publish events.
  2. Sketchup = 3D Modeling for everyone.
  3. Google Earth = Explore the world in 3D. Find cities and local places.
  4. Robotic Programming = A YouTube video demonstrating an intermediate NXT program.


  1. Library of Congress = Many resources for educator especially for social studies.
  2. WatchKnow = Videos for students to learn from. Large database to drill down along with an age filter.
  3. Edutopia = George Lucas, what works in education.
  4. Merlot = Intended for higher education, many high schools use it.
  5. ethemes = Free fast access to over 2500 webites
  6. Edudemic = 100 best and free online learning tools.
  7. 4Teachers = Has a very good tools list.
  8. FREE = Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Future Goal(s)

  1. Future Me = Email to yourself. (At least one month out)